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The podcast where experts and enthusiasts competitively collaborate on the creation of screen-centric "best of" lists! Hosted by Clay Keller and Ryan Marker. 

Oct 27, 2020

SCREAM Drafts 2020 comes to a terrifying conclusion with Jim Branscome (Cinematic Void) and Alfonso Carrillo (Rendevous LA) drafting the top 7 nasties films on the Thatcher government's "Video Nasties - Prosecuted Films" list! 

Oct 20, 2020

ALIEN. PREDATOR. SCOTT WAMPLER (The Kingcast). ANGIE HAN ( BRIAN COLLINS (Horror Movie A Day). Whoever wins... we WIN! 


Oct 13, 2020

For their 3rd annual SCREAM Draft match-up, Billy Ray and Kyle tackle the broad subgenre of HORROR REMAKES!

Oct 6, 2020

We open the gates of Scream Drafts 2020 with Rebekah McKendry (Nightmare University) and Elric Kane (Pure Cinema Podcast) drafting the filmography of Italian shock master Lucio Fulci!