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The podcast where experts and enthusiasts competitively collaborate on the creation of screen-centric "best of" lists! Hosted by Clay Keller and Ryan Marker. 

Jun 27, 2023

First time guest GM Mallory Rubin (The Ringer), joins the draft table to competitively / collaboratively rank the 13th best HARRISON FORD films with Screen Drafts veterans Joanna Robinson (The Ringer), her House of R co-host, and near-legend Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones)!

To WATCH this epic draft, visit...

Jun 21, 2023

This week's draft has been delayed to later in the summer, so we are unleashing onto the main feed one of the most controversial Franchise mini-SUPER Drafts in the history of the Screen Drafts Patreon, the "Modern Mummy" Draft! 

Jun 13, 2023

Screen Drafts veterans Adam B. Vary (Variety) and Jordan Crucchiola (Feeling Seen) go head-to-head for the first time, ranking the 7 best Queer films ever released by major Hollywood studios. With guest co-commissioner Joe Reid (This Had Oscar Buzz)!

Jun 6, 2023

Guy Branum (Platonic on Apple+) earns the title of "Screen Drafts All-Star" as he returns to the draft table to competitive/collaboratively rank the films of James Ivory and Ismail Merchant with/against his longtime friend, and Screen Drafts Hall of Famer, Drea Clark (Maximum Film)!