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The podcast where experts and enthusiasts competitively collaborate on the creation of screen-centric "best of" lists! Hosted by Clay Keller and Ryan Marker. 

Nov 29, 2022

"Phase 4" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to a close, and so we've assembled an expert group of guest GMs to rank not only the theatrical features included in this MCU cycle, but, for the first time (and only time) ever... the TV shows too! We are joined by Chancellor Agard, Devan Coggan, Louis Peitzman, and...

Nov 22, 2022

The hosts of Hollywood-ography, Oriana Nudo and Maureen Lee Lenker, invite's Walter Hollmann to join them in ranking the 11 best films from the career of their season 2 subject, Paul Newman.  

Nov 15, 2022

Ryan and Billy Ray get the chance to re-do their lost TEACHER MOVIES draft, thanks to Patreon Official Sponsor Frank Berman! Will the list look the same as it did three years ago?!

Nov 8, 2022

They (almost) share a name, but do they share the same opinions about the work of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time? Darren Franich (Entertainment Weekly) and Darrin Navarro (editor, Killer Joe, The End of the Tour) finally square off, ranking the top 7 films directed by the legendary AKIRA KUROSAWA.


Nov 1, 2022

SCREAM Drafts 2022 comes to a terrifying conclusion as Wynter Mitchell (Waiting to X-Hale), Renée Bever (Queer for Fear), Patrick Hamilton (Kill By Kill) and the spirit of April Wolfe (Black Christmas) rank the 13 best horror movies ever made about high schoolers!

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